amlAbout Our Company

Armada Mercantile Ltd. has been a publicly-traded company in Canada since 1987. Armada Mercantile Ltd. is a corporate finance services, trade finance, licensed California Finance Lender and relational Broker/Dealer company. Armada Mercantile Ltd.’s shares are listed for trading on the Canadian National Stock Exchange (Canadian Stock Quote) and in the United States (USA Stock Quote).

Our Focus

out-focus To provide client companies worldwide with results and value on a timely basis at a reasonable cost.

Company History

Since 1987, Armada Mercantile Ltd. has launched, invested and operated in many diverse companies in the natural resource, travel, aviation, technology, foods, banking, green energy and telecom industries providing debt and equity.


red-rock Our relational FINRA Broker/Dealer.

armada-usa Our wholly owned consulting, advisory, licensed California Finance Lender, trade finance and portfolio company subsidiary.