Armada Mercantile Ltd., through its subsidiary Ace Foods (Symbol: CSE: ARM and OTC: AAMTF), is now selling London Dairy ice cream/sorbet pints and bars in Super King Markets in Los Angeles, California. Additionally, Ace Foods plans to launch the London Dairy brand during the 2023 Spring Season into chains such as Vallarta Supermarkets, Bristol Farms, El Super Markets and Superior Grocers. Upon completion, the distribution of London Dairy ice cream/sorbet pints and multi-pack bars into these supermarkets will be serviced by our distribution partner and increases the total number of retail supermarket outlets to approximately 140. Furthermore, our distribution partner has begun the delivery of London Dairy floor bunker freezers into the first 80 of a total of 1,600 convenience store locations.

About Ace Foods: Ace Foods is  master/importer distributor of the London Dairy (London Dairy Ice Cream) ice cream brand in the USA. London Dairy (London Dairy Instagram) is a leader in the global ice cream market, selling in more than 35 countries around the world and supported financially by a multi-billion-dollar foods conglomerate. Ace Foods has obtained the approval(s) to import London Dairy ice cream into the USA, including permits and approvals, from the USDA and FDA. Below are TV commercials and useful marketing videos and customer reviews.

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London Dairy Marketing Video

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