Armada Mercantile Ltd., (Symbol: CSE: ARM and OTC: AAMTF) would like to announce the appointment of Victor Cohen as Chief Executive Officer.

Victor Cohen is a seasoned financier with excellent skills in evaluating business opportunities, risk, efficiency and profit potential. Mr. Cohen is a founder, funder and managing director who oversees a group of established finance companies such as, a leader in placing real estate commercial bridge loans,, a merchant cash advance business,, which provides cash for real estate property,, a leader in boutique CRE real estate bridge lending,, providing cash for real estate properties and businesses and, a marketing website development and business solutions company.

As a young businessman, Mr. Cohen amassed a string of successful family ventures including a profitable specialty handbag company and a real estate business. Mr. Cohen is an established consultant and “Lean Six Sigma” expert who has worked with major corporations to protect shareholder equity and assets while simultaneously creating value and steady profit streams, all without high risk.

Mr. Cohen’s business sense has netted him personal and financial success which, during the past two decades, has made him a major benefactor and contributor to charitable causes. Having been blessed with success, he works diligently to provide others with similar opportunities through mentorship programs in his networked circles, giving them the benefit of his vision and his business acumen.

Specialties: business consulting, risk management in debt and real property, trading and lending portfolios, charitable and philanthropic activities.

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