News Release

Armada Mercantile Ltd., (Symbol: ARM and AAMTF) announces that Oxygen Funding, Inc. (“Oxygen”), an affiliated ownership company of Armada Group USA, Inc., has completed the infrastructure setup to begin offering revenue line products and services nationwide. Oxygen’s underwriting and servicing platform allows for a swift startup into revenue line services with existing factoring clients, capital on hand and minimal staffing needs. A revenue line provides a line of credit calculated against recurring revenue (licensing, royalties, and subscriptions). It operates by establishing the billing and collections history to derive an advance rate. Then the last month’s billing is advanced this month and repaid by the same day in the next month. This allows our client to have much more stable cash flow throughout the month. It will reduce the frequency where situations arise that cause these businesses to seek short term borrowing solutions. Our terms are cheaper than most cash advance solutions and we are likely to provide more financing than most providers will approve. Oxygen seeks to yield as high as 24% APR on average for a revenue line transaction.

About Oxygen Funding: Oxygen Funding is a fully licensed trade finance lender (California Finance Lenders & Brokers license #603G957) that has been funding commercial businesses since 2007. Oxygen Funding finances new clients sourced, underwritten and serviced by an in-house staff. Oxygen Funding also evaluates existing portfolios for potential purchase. As an outsourced service provider, Oxygen Funding offers underwriting and servicing services to finance companies, investors and brokers who wish to build their own factoring portfolios. For more information on Oxygen Funding, please visit:

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