About Us


Armada Mercantile Ltd. Has Been a Publicly-Traded Company Since 1987. We Are Trusted by Clients Worldwide.

Armada Mercantile Ltd. is listed for trading in the United States (USA Stock Quote) and on the Canadian Stock Exchange (Canadian Stock Quote).

Since 1987, we have launched, financed, invested and operated in many diverse industries such as natural resources, travel, aviation, technology, food, banking, finance, energy and telecom.


We provide consulting services to privately held publicly-traded companies. Let us help you:

  • Form Your Company
  • Structure Your Company
  • Develop Your Business Plan
  • Capital Formation
  • Write Your PPM
  • Assist Your Capital Raise
  • File Your Reporting Forms
  • Build Your Business
  • Exit Your Business
Finance Lender

Our commercial finance services help your business obtain the capital it needs to improve cash flow, drive continued growth, and keep you on the path to future expansion. We offer:

  • Account Receivables Finance "Factoring"
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Revenue Lines of Credit

Securities are offered through Abel Noser, LLC, a fully licensed FINRA broker-dealer. These services include:

  • US Equities Trading Services
  • Private Placements
  • Capital Market Services
  • Public Markets Services

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