News Release

Armada Mercantile Ltd., through its wholly owned subsidiary Armada Group USA, Inc. (ArmadaUSA), has been engaged to provide services to Zero Nox, Inc. (“Zero Nox”). On behalf of Zero Nox, ArmadaUSA is providing corporate structure, business development, captive equipment leasing and public markets advisory services including a Reg. D 506 offering. Additionally, ArmadaUSA has acquired, in lieu of certain services, 10% of the issued and outstanding common shares of Zero Nox and thereby Zero Nox becomes a portfolio company.

Zero Nox has a proprietary green energy, battery powered drive train, specifically designed to power forklifts. Zero Nox plans to install the drive train into an existing forklift body manufactured by a leading International forklift company. Zero Nox has designed a maiden forklift, which includes both a lithium iron phosphate battery and lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide battery. Zero Nox plans to manufacture and deliver the first four exemplar forklifts in early 2018. Each forklift is fully charged in 4 hours, holds a double shift battery life and completely emission-free releasing zero fumes. For more information about Armada Mercantile Ltd., visit: