Armada Mercantile Ltd., (Symbol: CSE: ARM and USOTC: AAMTF) announces certain recent transactions and updates by Zero Nox, Inc. (“Zero Nox”), an affiliated 10% ownership portfolio company. Here are the highlights of activities: 

  • Zero Nox completed its first round of funding in the amount of $750,000.00 and is in the process of a second round of $500,000.00 
  • Zero Nox received delivery of certain forklift demonstration E models manufactured within the Linde (Linde) and Zero Nox relationship 
  • The ZeroNox proprietary Lithium Iron Battery completed UL certification, which is the only UL Certified Lithium Iron Forklift Battery known at this time. For more battery information visit: Zero Nox Proprietary Battery 
  • Zero Nox has received orders for its line of Forklifts (Forklift Lineup), Utility Carts (Utility Lineup), and EVT Trucks (Truck Lineup) 
  • Zero Nox will be show-cased at the ACT Expo (ACT Expo 2019) in Long Beach April 24-26, 2019 with team members speaking on a panel of workshops titled: “Zero Emission Material Handling Equipment”, “The Future of Clean Cargo Handling Equipment” and “The Future of Clean Cargo Handling Equipment” 
  • Zero Nox recently rolled out its Port-Electric Initiative ( Zero Nox vehicles will be a part of the Long Beach, CA Port Vehicle demonstrations followed by the “Ride and Drive” demonstrations 
  • Zero Nox completed a private demonstration of its forklift and truck models for the Premier of British Columbia and some other Canadian political figures. 

Zero Nox has a proprietary green energy battery and Battery Management System (BMS), specifically designed to power each forklift model. Zero Nox installs the drive train into an existing forklift body custom manufactured by Linde forklift company. Zero Nox designed forklifts include a proprietary lithium iron phosphate battery with BMS. Zero Nox forklifts will fully charge in 3.5 hours, holds a double shift battery life, and is completely emission-free releasing zero fumes. 

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