News Release

Armada Mercantile Ltd., (Symbol: ARM and AAMTF) announces that Oxygen Funding, Inc. (“Oxygen”), an affiliated ownership company of Armada Group USA, Inc., has completed the infrastructure setup to begin offering supply chain products and services nationwide. Oxygen’s underwriting and servicing platform allows for a swift startup into supply chain with capital on hand and minimal staffing needs. Supply Chain Finance refers to financing the suppliers and vendors of our existing clients. This usually is accomplished by the funder, in this case Oxygen, paying the supplier directly and then repayment is made at a later date by our client. The advantage to our client is the ability to pay suppliers very quickly and qualify for early payment discounts. The additional benefit our client receives is the ability to avoid artificially limited supplier purchases caused by temporary insufficient cash conditions. Oxygen seeks to yield as high as 22% on average for supply chain transaction.

About Oxygen Funding: Oxygen Funding is a fully licensed trade finance lender (California Finance Lenders & Brokers license #603G957) that has been funding commercial businesses since 2007. Oxygen Funding finances new clients sourced, underwritten and serviced by an in-house staff. Oxygen Funding also evaluates existing portfolios for potential purchase. As an outsourced service provider, Oxygen Funding offers underwriting and servicing services to finance companies, investors and brokers who wish to build their own factoring portfolios. For more information on Oxygen Funding, please visit:

Here are a few highlights for Armada Mercantile Ltd.’s finance business, which was zero outstanding and size as of February 2018:

  1. Monthly outstanding and size, which fluctuates each month, is $1,000,000 to $1,500,000.
  2. Total 2018 outstanding and size, based upon 12 month year to date, is projected to be $10,971,679.
  3. Cash on hand or committed capital for finance purposes has increased to approximately $2,500,000.