Zero Nox, Inc. (“ZeroNox”) is an affiliated ownership portfolio company of Armada Mercantile Ltd. (Armada’s ownership stake in ZeroNox is approximately 8% with a valuation of US$14,300,000 or .74 US cents per Armada share).

The videos below are testimonials from Los Angeles Airport/LAX and Frontier Cooler, both ZeroNox customers, which are using the ZeroNox lithium battery and battery management system (“ZeroNox Battery”) in a fleet of airport vehicles and electric forklifts. The customers report increased efficiency both in operational and recharging uses meeting the expectation of a more efficient, productive and profitable fleet operation.

Watch the ZeroNox Customer Videos here: Los Angeles Airport/LAX Testimonial and Frontier Cooler Testimonial

Zero Nox is headquartered in Porterville, California. They design, engineer, develop, sell and provide after-market support for Off-Highway Electric Vehicle (“OHEV”) Powertrain Systems and Microgrids. The Technology is currently being used in forklifts, hospitality carts, utility vehicles, and battery systems. ZeroNox plans to be a leader in OHEV Powertrains and Microgrids, due to its proprietary electric Powertrain Systems, which include ZeroNox lithium batteries, battery management systems, electric Genmotors, Thermal Energy Conversion Systems, and in-house telematics. The Zero Nox line product lines offers Battery Upgrades, EV Conversions, EV Powered by Zero Nox, Evault Microgrids, Port Initiatives and School Initiatives.

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