Aquaborne LLC is conducting a Regulation Crowdfunding offering via the Wefunder Portal LLC ( platform. Armada Mercantile Ltd., (“Armada” CSE: ARM OTC: AAMTF), is acting as the required lead investor for Aquaborne LLC, who is raising capital under Regulation C.  

Aquaborne LLC plans to launch its first commercial scale eco-friendly aquatic leather tannery in California. Aquaborne LLC believes there is a need to produce environmentally conscious leather using fish-skins derived from aquafarming, to provide various industries with a superior alternative to existing leather options.

Aquaborne LLC promotes sustainable up-cycling by transforming discarded fish skins derived from aquaculture into exotic leather. This product will offer an alternative solution to traditional leather with more superior properties, that won’t harm the fragile ecosystems. In fact, the product will reduce the need for killing endangered species to be used in leather goods production.

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