Armada Mercantile Ltd. has completed the launch of RichGrandDad Ltd. (“RichGrandDad”), a British Colombia commercial finance subsidiary (51%) company. RichGrandDad plans to fund opportunities prospected by its affiliated group of established brands ( ) targeting real estate and commercial lending. The management team of RichGrandDad is comprised of individuals with solid backgrounds in prospecting businesses, capital formation to fund transactions, underwriting transactions and on-going servicing of client accounts. RichGrandDad plans to generate income from capital returns and closing transaction fees earned. RichGrandDad plans to offer preferred stock to investors seeking collateralized dividend income and access to an alternative investment strategy.

About RichGrandDad affiliated companies: is a leader in placing real estate commercial bridge loans. is a commercial finance factoring and supply chain finance lender. gives you cash for your real estate property. First class marketing solutions to impeccable website development and design including a complete portfolio of solutions to grow businesses. is a leader in boutique CRE real estate bridge lending. provides cash for real estate properties and businesses.

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